I've learned that it's wise to replace the CR2032 on the motherboard of my TriCaster and 3Play after a couple of years as you don't want to allow it to run down. Once it runs down and BIOS settings change, problems begin to crop up. It's been a couple of years since I replaced the CR 2032s in my TriCasters so I was considering doing so. I wonder which is the preferred method. Since I replaced both batteries the last time only after they ran down, I was wondering, since they keep the info in the BIOS from changing, whether I should remove the cover, power up so the BIOS has power goin to it, then change the battery...OR...quickly remove the battery while powered down and disconnected from electrical?

I wasn't sure if the battery kept capacitors charged long enough to keep the BIOS settings while quickly changing the battery or not.