Working in modeler is difficult with BSDF because of the reflex spots. I have no idea what BSDF means anyway. It is difficult to work with both points and add edges in the modeler window. You can switch to sketch, but I want to work the surface without screwing around with the editor to get rid of BSDF, and bring up standard. How do you change the default in the editor to standard.

One other note: LW 2018 is crashing a lot. That is something I haven't worried about with LW before. I have no idea what is going on, but if you don't save continually there is trouble ahead. I don't like to save continually because I use revert as one of my tools. If the save next option would keep the various versions in the interface that would help. You have to go back and load the previous take from the hard drive. Maybe I am just lazy, but things would work smoother for me if v001 v002 and v003 were only a click away, instead of a load object away. May there is away to have that happen, but I don't know how to make it function?