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Thread: Bullet explosion force not animatable?

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    Bullet explosion force not animatable?

    Trying to make an explosion animating the explosion force (against a wall) but even super tiny values (0.0001) over 2-3 frames blows everything away forever. Doesn't make any sens.
    Using LW 2018 0.7 here.

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    Oh and animating the strength of the explosion doesn't change a thing, I can have 0.0001 strength over 1 frame and It still blows everything away for the rest of the timeline. like a very violent wind blowing all the time, even though the strength is = to zero. How can I animate the explosion over time and have It stop totally at some point?

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    ok, something else I'm noticing, even after I delete the explosion force and reset the simulation, It keeps acting as if the explosion was still in the scene and active.

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    seriously sounds like....

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    ok, I just wanted to have some confirmation. I already posted 3 bug reports this past week...

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    yep, bit quiet this forum nowadays perhaps..
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    I hope It's just Christmas time...

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    check Facebook LightWiki, bit more traffic

    Merry Christmas!

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