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Thread: Can sasquatch do moana's hair ?

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    Keep in mind that Moana probably used Pixar's dual spring hair model (developed for Merida's insane hair in Brave) for the Dynamics on Moana's hair, so dynamics on such hair in lightwave would be tricky.

    Having seen Moana (finally), you could probably get something close to her hair out of FiberFX by tweaking some of the parameters under the styling tab (twirl, splay, etc.). Dynamics would be interesting, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaxtone View Post
    Do you think you can put this clip on youtube or post it in another format or zipped. I did get red alert from every anti-virus Ive got when trying to open an swf file... isnt that for flash mostly?

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    Promotheus, you are gold! Damn, your skills in Lightwave are so interesting to read about!
    Thanks Jack.
    Me usually thinks...Meh, but good to hear feedback, it´s not crap anyway then

    Mind you though, ivé spent very little time on 2018 and the fiberfx within that...mostly learning and evolving what I can in hair with blender right now..maybe temporarely till I find a way to render hair faster in Lightwave, I do not see that happening until they get native GPU ..or I would invest in octane maybe..but that is further ahead after I see what next lightwave brings.

    How´s it going for you by the way with the efforts on getting back to the 3d work?
    Personally I may have to take a drastic decision about my current non 3d career..If I would ever like to see a future in something 3d Related.

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