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Thread: Help needed with some things

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    Help needed with some things

    I want to be able to open some requesters but do not find any hints in the docs.

    This are:
    A file requester. Yes, I am Aware of LWFileReqFunc, but I do not find any hint in the docs. With this function I am able to open a load or save requester. But how can I tell it how he has to work?
    How it must be done with LWFileActivateFunc?
    I looked in the C include files and the C examples. But I found no Counterpart of the c-func "global" and so I am not able to reconstruct this in Python.

    A Folder requester. This is of sure be done with the file requester. but if I am not able to do it with LWFileActivateFunc, I have no Chance to use one for Folders.

    A Color Picker requester. The same Problem as with the other requesters. How it must be done with the LWColorActivateFunc?

    And a question...
    Can the mousepointer be changed? For example if the mouse hovers a Input control, it changes to the beam-Cursor. How can this be done?

    It would be great if someone can help me with that.


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    filerequester: in its most simple form (simple load/save):

    tmppath = r"c:\temp"
    path = lwsdk.LWFileReqFunc( "save a text file" , ".txt" , tmpPath )

    filerequester with more control (hope this will get you started):

    reqlocal = lwsdk.LWFileReqLocal
    reqlocal.reqType = lwsdk.FREQ_MULTILOAD
    reqlocal.result = -1
    reqlocal.title = "Select all Object Files."
    reqlocal.fileType = lwsdk.LWFTYPE_OBJECT
    reqlocal.path = lwsdk.LWDirInfoFunc('Content') + os.sep + "Objects"
    reqlocal.baseName = "*"
    reqlocal.fullName = ""

    result = lwsdk.LWFileActivateFunc(lwsdk.LWFILEREQ_VERSION, reqlocal, self.pick_name)
    if result == lwsdk.AFUNC_OK:
    if reqlocal.result == 1:
    if reqlocal.reqType == lwsdk.FREQ_MULTILOAD:
    ... and so on....

    EDIT: obviously the indents are wrong at the bottom, but not sure how to make it take them.. they are fine when i edit the post

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    Thank you Oliver, this helps a lot. I am now able to work wit the filerequesters.

    But with the ColorPicker seems to be a Problem. In some C related docs i found a LWColorActivateFunc, but python seems not to know this function. If I do a


    Python does not find this function.

    running the following in the script
    result=lwsdk.LWColorActivateFunc(lwsdk.LWCOLORPIC_ VERSION,creql)
    leads to a AttributeError: 'module' object has no Attribute 'LWColorActivateFunc'

    So it seems that there is no equivalent to the filerequester. So I must go an other way to reach the Color Picker. I think about to use a Color Control. This is not exactly what I want, but if the ActivateFunc is missing, there is no other Chance.

    Again thank you for helping me. The hint with the Filerequesters was a 100% success.


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    I always just use the color ctrl for that. however, when you find something thats not wrapped in python, but exists in the c sdk.. definitely report it.


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