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Thread: ABout NDI and Unreal Engine

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    ABout NDI and Unreal Engine


    last year there was the announce of a collaboration between Newtek and Unreal to bring NDI to UE4. But at this time I only found a guy who developes a plugin that needs to be somehow loaded in a custom compilated version of the Unreal Engine. Something far from user friendly.

    The last version of Unreal offers tools for Virtual Production with pre installed plugin for Blackmagic and Aja, but not a single line for NDI support.

    Do you have any information about this pre-announced feature?

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    I'm wondering this as well. Hopefully it is still in Epics plans to add native NDI support. It's dissapointing it hasn't been implemented. Some pretty awesome possibilities here.

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    Yeah, the problem here is that there is no official response to whom asking news about this plugin. After the announcement just silence.


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