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Thread: Rendering Tutorials for LightWave 2018/2019... RELEASED!

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    First of all, the series are great! I finished watching all of them a couple of days ago and I'm really satisfied, thanks Rebel, amazing tutorials!

    In the second bb8 video you did a 2m 30s render (frame 250) and you shared your specs (i5, etc). I did the same in my modest PC and the render went to almost 8 minutes (you can see my specs in my signature). Boy, I really want that i5 processor of yours, or maybe you have some tips? something I missed maybe?

    Anyway, I liked the series so much I bought the Node series yesterday, downloaded and ready to get my mind blown away! ...again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RebelHill View Post
    Well... the quickstart bit is really just a quick basic setup, so dont take those numbers as a general guide... but yes, less grain requires more samples. To get the best balance for render speed on a given scene, you'll want to follow the workflow detailed in the "sampling workflow" video. As for using denoiser to clear up grain... sure perfectly usable, though denoising is always a kind of "interpolation" type trick, so the more you leave to the denoiser, the less precise the results will be. This would be especially noticable in animation. So in that case, it's generally best to get your noise down to a pretty low visibility level via the primary rendering, and only use the denoiser to add the final little polish.
    Would it be appropriate to retitle the thread from "2018" to "2018 / 2019"? If so I can do that.

    Edit: Absent any opposing feedback, I've made the change.
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    sure (imo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
    I've made the change.
    So you have... and yes, everything in there applies in 2019 too, so is all good.
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    In that regard RH, are there any updates to the series past the Dec 2018 release?
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