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Thread: Rendering Tutorials for 2018... RELEASED!

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    I've been binge watching the series, and it is absolutely fantastic. This is the exactly the type of training LW needs. The series walks you through all of the lighting and render settings and not only explains what they do, but more importantly, why and how. If someone is new to LW, you'd almost be insane not to watch it. I only wish I could have had it earlier as it would have saved me much time on experimentation and floundering about. Congratulations to Rebel Hill for taking the time to put something this comprehensive together. It's truly a Masterclass. My only wish now is for one on the Octane Renderer and seriously, I'm good after that.

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    Just purchased mine, too. Can't wait to binge.
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    Purchased... waiting for the email link. Seems like a good amount of info.

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    The only things annoying me is the 720p video files who is very low nowadays ...
    My own screen is WQHD and my tablet is WQXGA
    It is pity with this low resolution it is too blurry when I resize it
    Need 1080p video nowadays
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    Its mainly a filesize consideration, given that this (and other) series are many, many hours long, and not everyone has the connection speeds to easily be downloading files adding up to 10s of GB. (Heck I've even had one customer in the past who's situation was so poor in that regard I had to burn stuff to disk and mail it).

    The downscaling though is (roughly) 2/3 of the original recording size, and any text/ui should be legible when up-res'd (fullcreeened). It'll likely be a lil soft, but should be perfectly readable. It certainly is for me. If it's not for you... not sure. Perhaps have a check of the settings in your video card to see if there's anything there for upscaling sharpness or AA, or perhaps try playing the video with a different player (QT or VLC would really be the 2 options for my vids) and ofc tinker with any such settings of that player.
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