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Thread: NDI Video + audio stream possible for viewing through a web browser.

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    Lightbulb NDI Video + audio stream possible for viewing through a web browser.


    I want to ask you if there is posibility to see video stream that came from NDI output (this one that you activate when you use "Scan Converter" from NDI Tools) through a web browser.
    If yes then please tell me how to do that.

    I'm thinking about something like:
    you type your - router IP (with port I guess; for example: <- port numbers here are random cause I don't know how ports exactly work)
    IP assigned to your computer to the router via DHCP - to your web browser and it shows screen from your PC and play audio from your PC too.

    I noticed that I can control some NDI options typing my PC DHCP address ["Studio Monitor" is showing this address (for example mine is], but this controlling is the only option, PC screen isn't displayed here.

    Important thing is that the screen and audio should be passed over the LAN (I guess it's a standard for NDI, but I want to make everything clear),
    because my ISP restricts me with the data limit [I am using LTE connection (UMTS/GPRS in fact because it gives me higher download speed)].

    I want to use it to have possibility to see this audio + video stream on my phone.
    Maybe there is some (Android) app for this? I know only about app that send video from phone camera via NDI (but like you can guess - it's not what I need).

    Oh and if you know how to make it work, please tell me it as simply as you can, I'm not too intelligent.

    Thank you for your time. :)

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    You cannot view NDI directly in a browser. This means to view it you need to turn the NDI signal into something that a web browser can 'see'. This gives you two types of solutions.

    1. Turn NDI into a sequence of images. This will be video only, but extremely low latency. Products that can do this include the following.
    NDI Connect Pro:
    LFR Monitor:
    Sienna WebLink:

    2. Turn NDI into a streaming media format. This can give you video and audio, but because of the conversion there will be latency. Ultimately, there are a lot of products that can do this, but it can take a lot of pieces to get it working (like using FFMPEG, streaming software and a web server). Here are some products that are turn key and ready to go.
    NewTek MediaDS:
    Sienna WebLink:

    As for viewers on Android (or iOS), NDI decode is currently not available for ARM based platforms. This is why you see applications to encode NDI on Andoird/iOS, but not decode.
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    Now I know everything I wanted to know.
    Thank you for your answer.
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