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Thread: Tricaster Mini Quiet Power

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    Tricaster Mini Quiet Power

    Thought I'd share this find. I wanted a backup power supply for my Mini SDI because the one with the unit was really loud and would rattle if you shook it. I was worried it might die on a job so I purchased an additional one for backup. I just tried it out for the first time and it's SO much quieter than the existing power brick. Not sure if it's a second generation but if you think you might need one here's the link:

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    Is it a great idea to keep a spare power supply for any Mini as they can and do fail and it's cheap insurance that could save an event from being ruined. The units that shipped with early Minis liked to go bad and were updated to an improved design later on. These newer design power supplies are available from any Newtek reseller for $65.


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