Was wondering if anyone else has seen something like this before?

We are using Connect Pro to take four IP Camera feeds from RTSP and convert them to NDI for some of our other equipment.

In Connect Pro, all four cameras look great with no issues.

However, all of the downstream applications which are hooked into a ConnectPro output have the same problem where the NDI feed will flicker every so often as ConnectPro doesn't seem to be outputting a 100% steady framerate. It will go from 30 to 30.15 to 29.85, etc which is enough to cause a flicker in most of our applications and the TVs with an NDI decoder on them. This also happens in Studio Monitor from the toolkit. The video format in ConnectPro is set to "auto detect" - there's no other option in that dropdown.

I don't think it's the actual cameras, as if I connect our production switcher to the RTSP feed directly without ConnectPro this problem doesn't happen (i.e. our production switcher maintains a steady 30 fps).

I also don't think it's a network bandwidth issue as we have the same problem whether there is one output running in ConnectPro or four.

Anyone have any thoughts or other ideas I can test ?