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Thread: diffuse bounce problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Ritchie View Post
    I was thinking this through in my head last night, and it sounded reasonable, so somebody check me on it.

    Say you send out 2 rays, and that bounces off of something, and each of those rays split into 2 more rays, then each of those bound off of something, and they each split into 2 rays. In the end, you'd have 14 total rays instead of 2. etc.
    Correct, except that we're talking about the "diffuse bounces" limit, involving quite small default values and deltas, so the situation isn't very far "up the exponential growth curve". If we were talking about moderate values (8-16), the "exponential growth curve" argument would make a lot more sense. In many cases, though, the delta in render time between "diffuse bounce" values of 1 and 2, or 2 and 3, appears to be a LOT larger than easily explained, even with an exponential growth curve involved.
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