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Thread: LWO Importer on the Unity Asset Store

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    Quote Originally Posted by escape_artist View Post
    1. In a low-dynamic range Unity project, Lightwave BSDF materials convert to the Standard (Roughness setup) material, and Lightwave's Standard Materials are converted to the Standard (Specular setup). For HDR conversion I will need to look into it and try and figure out the most natural mapping.

    2. I decided that the closest thing to a bump map in Lightwave were height maps in Unity. If there are tearing artifacts then perhaps the height map value is too large? This can be changed in Lightwave -here's a screenshot showing that in the Materials example that comes with LWO Importer, the Bump Height is at just 5%. Generally, low values are best here.

    3. Yeah this is a limitation I'd like to fix but I'm not sure exactly the best way to do it right now. As you have noticed, the materials are 'locked' - greyed-out - when they come into Unity. Converting them to HDR I think makes copies of all the materials, just as you can do manually be selecting the material in the Project view by finding it under the imported model and duplicating it (cmd/ctrl - D), then re-assigning this duplicate material to the mesh in the scene. But this change doesn't survive importing the model again, as doing so will overwrite this.
    I think the fix is likely to be similar to Unity's .fbx import option where imported materials can be remapped to pre-existing materials in the assets import options. However this isn't a small job to implement so I'll need some time to determine how best to do it, and if it's definitely worth it.

    And I'm very happy to get feedback, thanks, so keep it coming!
    Hey Chris

    #1. is not a biggie, as remapping in Unity is mostly a piece of cake. It's would be super lazy of me to insist on everything being made super perfect your end in this regard.
    #2. I think I might explore the use of normal maps instead of height maps - I need to check out if via "height maps" Unity is actually trying to displace geometry ...
    #3. I didn't realise remapping to pre-existing materials was possible via Unity .fbx import … thanks!

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    LWO Importer version 1.3 has gone live today on the asset store (link)

    Quite a big update which also addresses some of the feedback I received.
    - Subdivision surfaces. This is a big one and I think it's very cool. Model in SubPatch or Catmull-Clarke surfaces and LWO Importer will read it and convert it into a Unity model. Supports (almost) all the different UV texture interpolation modes too. Oh and, unlike Lightwave, the interpolation modes work with Catmull-Clarke surfaces.
    LWO Importer lets you specify the number of iterations to use so you can basically turn a cube into a smooth sphere.
    Also, Lightwave Morph targets work in combination with SubPatch surfaces, meaning its possible to create some very cool subdivision surface animation for Unity. I'm working on a demo video at the moment to properly show it off.

    In the meantime here's a screenshot from Unity, showing the same lightwave model imported with 0, 1 and 2 iterations. It also shows off the subdiv/blendshape functionality.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 20.29.13.png 
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    - Smoothing Angles in materials are now used to create hard edges in the imported models.

    - Option to smooth normals over varying surfaces.

    - Ability to remap imported materials to pre-existing ones. So if you're not happy with the imported materials you can easily swap them out. And whenever you import the model again these remapped materials will be remembered and restored automatically.

    Any feedback is always welcome.
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    did you have any luck with the hdr issue? I find the materials keep getting lost, when I use the remap materials option. is this related?

    also of note, when you change the name of a material and save the LWO, in LW 2018 (not sure of 2017), unity object will not reflect the change, even with RMB click on the object and selecting re-import.
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    Hi, yes I built the new 'remap materials' functionality to fix the HDR issue and in my limited tests it does. But I'd be interested in understanding what's going wrong for you.
    Just to make sure we are both on the same page, here are the steps I use when testing HDR:
    1. In a HDR Unity project, add a .lwo file and drag the asset into a scene so you can see it. The materials will all draw as bright pink in the scene preview.
    2. In the project hierarchy view, expand the imported .lwo file to reveal its materials.
    3. Select the materials.
    4. Duplicate the materials (CMD D/Ctrl D) and drag them into a folder called HDR materials.
    5. Select these new materials and go to Edit>Render Pipeline>Upgrade Selected Materials To High Definition Materials
    6. With the .lwo file selected, drag each of these newly upgraded materials onto each remapped material slot.
    7. Hit Apply.
    The object will render correctly, with the remapped materials. Subsequent re-imports do not override the remapped materials. Can you try recreating these steps exactly and see if it matches what you are doing and if it goes wrong, where?

    Also, I have had no luck recreating the material name bug you describe, using LW2018. Frustratingly, when I rename a material in LW and save the object, the material is renamed in Unity too. Are you able to provide more details in your process so I can recreate the bug? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by gar26lw View Post
    I find the materials keep getting lost, when I use the remap materials option. is this related?
    ok I think I've managed to recreate this issue. I'll see if I can work out what's going on and submit a fix. Thanks for letting me know.

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