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Thread: Horrendous Background noise/hiss from Audio In

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    Horrendous Background noise/hiss from Audio In

    Hi all,

    As the title says, when somebody talks while we're recording the audio comes in with a horrendous background hiss.
    We have a TriCaster HD4i Mini and the audio comes through the Mic Input via a Yamaha MG10XU Audio Mixer, the microphone we use is the Sennheiser G3 wireless LAV microphone.

    It leaves the Mixer via two 6.3mm jacks in the stereo out, where it goes from a 3.5mm jack and into a 6.3mm adapter to input into the TriCaster.

    I've back-traced the problem, so the audio into the Mixer sounds fine, but connecting into the TriCaster is where the problems start. I looked at the forums before and had a thread saying to set the Input to 'Line' not 'Mic' because their mixer would be "over-driving" it, this didn't work. Even flipping the connections didn't work, two into the L/R of the TriCaster and the single pin into the mixer.

    Any help or advice would be grand, this is the first time I've really used a TriCaster (if that wasn't obvious)

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    I would think that the stereo outs on the mixer are Line level not Mic level. What happens if you connect them to the L/R stereo line inputs on the Mini (not the Mic input).
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    From what you wrote, it seems like you have 6.3mm out to back to 6.3mm. Can you just run 6.3mm to 6.3mm?
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