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Thread: Using live XML feed in LiveText/DataLink

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    Using live XML feed in LiveText/DataLink

    This may very well be a very very simple fix, but I'm at a bit of a loss.

    We have a 50/50 service that provides us with a web-based XML file that is automatically updated with current jackpots, winning ticket numbers, etc. We have been entering this information manually, but by the time we do that and get it to air at our games, the total has already changed. I'd like to automate this process.

    Here is the XML file they create:

    So my question is how do I make DataLink recognise that as a feed? From there I feel pretty confident in getting it into Tricaster through the "%" shortcodes.

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    I have a free utility that might fit be the winning ticket, so to speak. Download my XMLDownloader and see if it does the trick. Tutorial video and download link found here:

    You should be able to input that URL, set a download interval, and save the file to the TextInput folder for LiveText. Hit go and, boom, jackpot... See what I did there?
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