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Thread: TC1 doesn't boot after restore attempt, blinking cursor after Newtek spalsh screen

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    TC1 doesn't boot after restore attempt, blinking cursor after Newtek spalsh screen

    My TC1 has been a constant headache of freezing during live productions and failure to boot at random points in the process. It felt like the Sep 13 2018 update helped, but boy was I wrong!

    Right now the TC1 will power on through the Newtek splash screen and then instead of Windows boot screens I have a black screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left. I have reseated all the connectors I could, including power and sata (both ends) for both hard drives. Any suggestions on how to get this thing running in the next 12 hours before a major production tomorrow???

    What happened today?

    The thing booted fine all the way into the live production screen. Sometime in the 20 minutes before I looked at it again, the clock stopped running and nothing but the mouse pointer was responding. Next boot it froze during Windows loading circle of circles. And again. Sometimes it froze once it displayed the main menu. Very occasionally it made it into the Live Production where it would freeze almost immediately.

    I tried running the restore process. But that seemed to freeze for over an hour on the Windows circle of circles. Another restore attempt, same result after 90 minutes. Later I ended up with a Windows drive reset option and tried that. It froze and the next boot automatically did a rollback. That time it booted to a 2017 version of the software. I was 10 minutes from finishing the Sep 13 2018 update when the thing froze again. Next boot was the black screen flashing cursor.

    Thoughts? Is my >$20,000 computer a piece of junk after 16 months?
    Tom F
    Academic Webstreamer, now with the TC1

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    This sounds like a failing hard drive at first pass. Need to reach out to support to confirm and see about options to remedy.

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