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Thread: Crawl on TC1 - without external software?

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    Question Crawl on TC1 - without external software?


    We want to create a basic crawl on a TC1, without using any external software (other than a text editor) while live. We can create the template externally, with the stand-alone version of LiveText, if required.

    Ideally, the TC1 will look at a network folder at grab the .txt file (via DataLink?). Alternatively, an external computer (without any special software) would save the text file to a location on the TC1.

    Is this as simple as it is in the stand-alone version of LiveText? How can this be done without using LiveText in the live environment?


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    You can build a crawl in the internal Graphics on TriCaster (LiveText), but the output will be a rendered AVI file and you will not be able to change it like you can with a title template or with DataLink once in the Live environment.

    If you want a real-time crawl that you can update, you will need an external CG system. My guess is that you are looking for some kind of ticker display. This is more complicated than just having a real-time crawl, you need a CG system designed to handle this correctly when information updates occur.
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