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Thread: Live Marathon clock in Tricaster 860 AE

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    Live Marathon clock in Tricaster 860 AE

    Hi all, for a live broadcast of a Marathon next week, I need a live clock graphic (upper right) to start at 00:00 and counting onwards (so 00:01 - 00:02 - etc). It has to be able to count houds aswell (so 01:09 for instance).

    We were looking into bying the
    package for this. But it seems somehow silly to spend so much on 'just' a simple clock...

    Any suggestions how to do this properly? NDI stuff is fine; it's an advanced edition Tricaster

    Appreciate any tips and tricks!

    Regards, Rutger Jochemsen

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    Run some sort of free timer / stopwatch app on another computer and send result to TriCaster as NDI (using NDI Scan Converter). In TriCaster DSK, you can crop/position/scale NDI overlay as desired.

    Example -
    Jeff Pulera
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    What about Kane's free NDI program - DataLink Timer
    Marty Jenoff
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    Could you use the Production Start Datalink variable on the Tricaster and just set the production start to whenever the race starts? I believe it counts up when you pass the start time. Not a perfect solution, but should be simple to implement.
    Gabe Thomas

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    I use Kane's app for soccer and it works extremely well. As others have mentioned, you can easily just find an app online and then use scan converter to key it in. That is what I did before Kane's NDI app. I found a specific one that would give me a black background with white numbers. So if you need it to match the rest of your graphics it can.

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