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Thread: Is it possible to use an Android Smartphone.....

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    Is it possible to use an Android Smartphone.....

    as a second device to stream my live feed from my laptop via NDI so that I can ease the load on my laptop CPU?

    I know how to use a second laptop to do the same thing through NDI via OBS Studio but cannot find an app for the phone that would make it work. Would this work? or is there an alternative app for the phone that would recognise it from OBS?
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    Lemme try to understand this. You want to capture the laptop output to the phone, so the phone can do the live stream. Is that right?

    Maybe, but it's not NDI-based. There are a few Android apps that can can accept a UVC video source, and create an RTSP stream. I've used RTSP Camera Server on Android in the recent past.

    The app can use a webcam or an HDMI to USB capture dongle, encoding the video into H264 and delivering it via RTSP to some target server. In my case I took the stream into vMix.

    Using an RTSP server gives you explicit control of the bit rate, which is helpful when you're on Wi-Fi shared with other people. NDI Camera is nice, but requires solid, preferably private, Wi-Fi.
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