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Thread: VHS capture?

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    I agree that a TBC or frame synchronizer may be required. I was recently trying to capture VHS, and any time the signal strength fluxed around edits (a lot of edits in my old tapes) Premiere or something (not sure which component in the chain) kept muting the audio. Until I ran it thru an old S-VHS mixer with a frame synchronizer, which functions like a half-baked TBC.
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    Well if you live near me I would do it for you as I have the old JVC vhs & DV editing tape deck . That thing would make it so easy. just put in your tape and it spits out a digital file over firewire , or I also have an old but still functional Matrox Digisuite system that can do totally uncompressed video.
    So i'm in Ontario DeepRiver Canada if that's anywhere near you.

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