Greetings All,

I am starting to go down the path of setting up NDI sources for my networked systems here at Infinity Park and I'm having troubles. Specifically, I cannot seem to get some network "Webcams" to show up in my TRICASTERS. I am using a FOSCAM FI990 EP webcam that is on my network. I can "ping" the camera and I can see its' output video on my FOSCAM IP camera utility.

I have acquired the CONNECT PRO software and have it running on another PC on my network. In reviewing the documentation it indicates that I must configure sources to be "seen" using "Group manager" - an accessory of the NDI Tools Suite. I have downloaded the NDI Tools Suite and see a utility named "Access Manager" but no "Group Manager".

As far as Connect Pro is concerned, I have downloaded and authorized the software, launched it and done preliminary configuration. When I try to connect to the FOSCAM Webcam I can enter all the necessary details but ultimately there is no connection. I have tried variations of the IP address with different ports ie. 192.168.x.x:88, 192.168.x.x:443, 192.168.x.x:5353, but nothing seems to work.

In looking at the "Access manager" utility, I see I can create specific receive groups and remote sources, but there is no documentation that details what I actually need to do to get this all to work.

I welcome any thoughts or suggestions about troubleshooting steps.


TC-460 AE - v180323
TC-860 AE - v180323
Beefy Windows 7 - PC
GiGe Network