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Thread: NDI camera causing Studio Monitor and VidBlasterX programs to freeze

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    NDI camera causing Studio Monitor and VidBlasterX programs to freeze


    I'm currently running Win7 sp1, and VidBlasterX5 and recently got a new PTZ Optics pt12x-ndi camera. (I've never used NDI before, but it works great (after I get it started)).

    Here's my issue:
    If I startup VidBlaster and select the NDI camera, VB freezes. When I try and shut it down, I have the options to: 1 try and restart the program, 2 close the program, or 3 wait for the program to respond. Trying to wait for the program to respond does nothing, it never does. Selecting "try to restart the program" does work and then the camera feed starts working!

    I tried this out with Studio Monitor as well and had the exact same issue. (after selecting the camera as an input, it would freeze up). Restarting the program after trying to close it would then show the camera feed in Studio Monitor.

    I then tried using the NDI Test Patterns in both Studio Monitor and VidBlaster, and it works just fine in both (meaning that it doesn't cause the programs to freeze up).

    I had spent hours on the phone with PTZ Optics trying to figure out what is going on, and they told me to contact you guys because the camera is working fine, it just seems to be some kind of driver issue. They did ensure that the camera was using the latest firmware, and that I was using the latest NDI tools.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Rob McKennon

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    Have you tried bringing up this issue in the VidBlaster Community on Facebook? It might be an issue or bug that could've been resolved.
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    Make sure you download the latest NDI Tools, if you aren't sure just download and install it again.

    What is your GPU? NDI|HX can take advantage of GPU hardware acceleration for decoding, so you might check that your GPU drivers are up to date. On this forum, I'd do the testing with NDI Studio Monitor, as I do not know anything about VidBlaster.
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