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Thread: NDI to Skype

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    NDI to Skype

    Set everything up. Made sure I DONT have the microsoft store version of Skype.

    Started up Skype on a networked other machine. In camera settings in skype the choice

    NewTek NDI VIdeo IS available as a choice BUT on selecting this I only see a black screen.

    I then opened up video Newtek video monitor from tools and I see the output perfectly.
    so we know its getting across

    I then set up on a MAC and again opened up the NewTek monitor for MAC .. again OK I see the output from wirecast

    I then start Skype on the MAC and again Black screen.

    I DO have the correct version of Skype AND NewTek NDI Video DOES show up in skype as a CHOICE of camera.

    So Black screen in Skype?? What could it be.

    Martin Cole
    MJC Training Trust.

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    The NDI Video input is NDI Virtual Camera. You have to run this software and next to the clock on the PC is a icon to choose what NDI source you want it to work with. NDI Virtual Camera isn't available on OSX just on Windows.
    Kane Peterson
    Key Accounts Sales Engineer
    NewTek, Inc.

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