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Thread: VLC for NDI display

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    VLC for NDI display

    So, we all know how useful VLC is in playing out files TO NDI.

    BUT, my question, is it possible to use VLC to display incoming streams FROM NDI sources?

    If so, how does one form a source video string in the stream or playback control to grab it?

    This is not meant to replace the Studio Monitor application but to allow an application that uses VLC for decoding to read NDI streams. In theory, if it's possible, my application could use NDI sources (as well as any others that VLC interprets), without any software modifications. A very powerful possibility, if it works. And extremely useful. And one that could put it into a lot of new uses at a number of local stations around the country.

    Please advise.


    Fritz Golman

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    I'm not sure about opening an NDI stream directly in VLC, but if you have ffmpeg with NDI support you can read the feed, transcode it, and pass it back to VLC with ffmpeg's built-in http service:

    ffmpeg.exe -f libndi_newtek -i "NDI Source Name (IN 1)" -vf yadif -c:v libx264 -preset veryfast -crf 20 -c:a aac -f matroska -listen 1

    ffmpeg.exe: NDI-enabled ffmpeg build
    -f libndi_newtek: Use the NDI plugin
    -i "NDI Source Name (IN 1)": Full NDI source name
    -vf yadif -c:v libx264 -preset veryfast -crf 20: Video filter options
    -c:a aac: Audio options
    -f matroska: Uses the MKV container
    -listen 1 Listens via http on the specified IP and port

    Then open up VLC and enter as a Network source
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