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Thread: Mysterious loss of Audio Channels

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    Mysterious loss of Audio Channels

    So this one is weird...

    We have everything set up before our football broadcast. The mics from our two announcers route into Channels 6A and 6B. We produce our two pregame segments with no problem at all. From that moment on, nothing was changed. All we did was wait ten minutes for the kick-off to arrive. But when we started that segment, our announcers were gone. No meters. I then plugged them into 5A and 5B. Still nothing. I then plugged them into 4A and 4B and they were there. Later I tested 6A and 6B again and those channels were still dead.

    Anyone ever see this? Or should I say hear this? lol...
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    If you create a new session does everything work?
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