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Thread: Swiping from C4d: The Correction Deformer

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    Lightbulb Swiping from C4d: The Correction Deformer

    This is something that I think might be mercilessly plagiarized from C4D. It addresses some concerns with destructive vs parametric modeling, and if it could be made fast enough (a big "maybe") would be a kind of "best of both worlds" situation.

    Ladies and Germs, The Correction Deformer!:
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    Yep, as the article says, it might not be glitzy as a feature, but it's very, very useful.
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    Well that feature is more than 7 years old.

    Have a look at new parametric features like LOD, Poly reduction, Voronoi fracture, VDB modeling, these are innovative (and work incredible fast thanks to the new modeling core).

    LW doesn't even have a non-destructive or parametric workflow. It would take years of development efforts for LW to even get the basic C4D workflow features.

    The 'parametric' primitives (I wonder what is parametric about them) are not geometry aware / cannot be converted, so I don't think this would even be possible.


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