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Thread: Feature request NDI Studio Monitor

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    Feature request NDI Studio Monitor

    Feature request for NDI Studio Monitor.

    It would be really nice if you were able to reverse the image in the NDI monitor.
    It may sound silly but as a one man show, hosting and running the TC-1, if I could reverse the output of my TC-1 program feed and
    use NDI monitor in my teleprompter I could see the output of my show into the camera instead of looking at
    the output monitor above or the monitor to the left or right...
    The number one feedback I always get is why are you always lookin up or down?
    Its the simple things.

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    You could do this using OBS with the NDI plug-in.

    Once you get everything installed. Add an NDI source which is TriCaster output. Then resize the source until you flip it around. To make it full screen, right click on the right monitor and choose Fullscreen output.

    OBS Studio:
    NDI Plug-In for OBS:
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    Actually if you use the free Autocue QStart prompter you can have both a reversed and normal output from the application. It's can run via NDI and I've used a cheap Windows tablet to be the prompter output via WiFi. Works great! Alternatively you can also use the Intel Compute Stick to connect to an HDMI monitor too if the tablet concept doesn't appeal (I'm also using that and it works great, as well).

    Feel free to drop me a line if you've got any questions.

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