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Thread: Version: 5-1-180706 Update Warning

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    Version: 5-1-180706 Update Warning

    We just updated to version Version: 5-1-180706 to attempt to fix the DDR / Datalink error.

    This update has wiped items out of our DDR / GFX (and possibly Audio though I must say I have not looked,) bins and these items will have to be re-loaded.

    Not the end of the world as with some other updates but keep this in mind should you choose to do so.

    Dan Young
    Access Nashua

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    I had the same thing happen yesterday after I installed the 180706 update. The sound items were missing as well.
    The thumbnails show up in the presets, but the assets are missing from the bins.

    I filed a case with support yesterday for this issue.

    Any other issues noticed with the new update? I'll be testing it on my 460 through the weekend.
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    This doesn't help anyone after bin contents are already lost, but makes a good case for the following. Once you have DDR, GFX, and SND bins populated with assets how you like them, EXPORT them. Could save a lot time and headaches down the road, whether another user messes with your stuff, or there is a software issue like this, or you need to start a New Session to replace a corrupted one for instance. So quick to just IMPORT and be done. And don't export presets to C: since they would be lost with any RESTORE, rather use D: or other location.


    Jeff Pulera
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    There's another issue coming with this update.
    Settings like DDR Autoplay/Single/Loop states are not saved. When you reopen the session you have to adjust those setting anew.

    NewTek has acknowledged this is a bug.
    They say it will be fixed in an upcoming Build, there is unfortunately no quick fix for this.

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    Ah I'm glad it's not just me. I ended up rolling back as the DDR Autoplay/Single/Loop states not being remembered was creating havoc as we run about 6 different sessions a day, which all have slightly different settings for the DDR state, also rolling back restored all of my old playlists which had vanished after the latest update.

    I'll hold out for next release before upgrading again.

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    It took almost 4 months to this update to be released. I think it's unacceptable this kind of bug in so basic features...
    Daniel Choi
    Tricaster 460 AE2 - Tricaster 855 - Tricaster 455


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