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Thread: NDI over Event space infrastructure - QOS to help ?

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    NDI over Event space infrastructure - QOS to help ?

    I have been using NDI in exhibition spaces and have been suffering from judder and frame delay even running at low bandwidth - this is also sometimes with NDI within VMIX. We have also suffered slow framerates with Dante running on the same network. I am looking to find out if we get the network teams to add on to our vlan a level of QoS if NDI will make any use of it and if it will also help solve the issue.
    We often can't put in our own network and only have access to a slice of the building infrastructure with I guess lots of other traffic running on the same backhauls and structure. It may be a dedicated VLAN but it still seems affected by other traffic.

    Any comments or advice would be very welcome.

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    Looks like you are going to have to work with their IT department to determine the causes. Is the entire network gigabit? There are no slower links connecting parts of the network together? If Dante is having issues, I can't see how NDI is going to work which will need even more bandwidth.

    There are no QoS rules needed for NDI, but there could be QoS rules put in place on this network that can degrade NDI performance.
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