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Thread: Create Virtual Sets using Photoshop without VSE

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    Create Virtual Sets using Photoshop without VSE

    Can you create virtual sets in photoshop without using VSE?



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    not really. you can create backgrounds...
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    Hi Dustin,

    Based on your TriCaster you may support 4 source LiveSets. If that is the case, you can select the standard TriCaster 4-Layer LiveSet and composite that way.

    It would stack with a solid background image, then a gradient for the talent layer (keyable), then a PNG with transparency for the foreground layer (something like a desk). You would still have one additional layer that you could use for a monitor source or other foreground object.

    You can also do this with the DSK's in an ME.

    Note that this wouldn't have any of the shadows or reflections that help to make a LiveSet look more real, but it could be usable in a pinch.

    Get back to me if you need any more detail - be happy to help.

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