Waiting for confirmation as to whether it's a "effect" vs "process" image.

Centralized info: it's a bit of a "infographics" challenge, to usefully display all the stuff that's happening. In C4D, the only other app I'm anywhere near up to speed on, there's a system of "Tags", but there's also Layers, and Takes, so..... perhaps it's just a global problem.

With Lightwave specifically, some kind of speadsheet-like panel, possibly w/different "views" depending on what you'd like to examine. EG, all motion modifiers, even if buried in the GE. Certainly, and obviously, all the information is implicit in the Scene file, but displaying it quickly would be quite a design challenge. Not much of a code challenge though.

EG, one big hierarchy, kind of the reverse of how a render might work: start with any processing the final image gets, eg Corona, and then examine the first "child of the scene", however that might be defined: a child of an object, for instance, would be a Surface. (Note that in other apps, "Surfaces" or more usually "Materials" are a separate data structure that can be applied and altered to multiple items simultaneously-- in LW a Surface truly seems to be a 'child' of the associated mesh.) Another category of children attached to items would be Motions, etc etc.

Depicting all the possible relationships would be.... great fun!