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Thread: How can I downgrade to a older Tricaster version?

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    How can I downgrade to a older Tricaster version?

    I just updated to the last version of Tricaster 460 (standard version)
    The Teradek Streamreader doesnt work. The message that appear is " The program cant start because Module.Hardware.HD.Base.x86.dllis missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem"

    I really really need to use the Streamreader, since I use teradek cube in all my environment.

    How can I make this to work or revert to the Rev 2-6-170623, when the program worked?
    I know that NewTek is using the NDI and etc but I invested a lot of money on a setup before the NDI and dont want to spend more money in something that was working fine...

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    If I'm not mistaken this has to do with also needing to update the Intel Graphics card driver.
    That should fix it.
    I can't find the other threads with this info in them.
    Maybe Kane or Zane with chime in.
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    I have asked this question on tech support chat before and I was told you can just install the previous build if you have a copy. I always keep every version just in case. So, If you have the previous version install files, you can just install it. If you had to install graphics drivers to get to the new version then you might have issues. It may be necessary to do a restore to factory defaults and then install the last known good version of the software that works for you. This isn't as scary as you might think. I do it a lot and have had good results every time.


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