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Thread: NDI Tools | Unable to select from multiple displays, audio de-sync with XSplit

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    NDI Tools | Unable to select from multiple displays, audio de-sync with XSplit

    Hi NewTek Forums,

    My name is hyp3rstrike, and I'm a part-time broadcaster on Twitch.

    I've run into some issues with the latest version of NDI Tools with XSplit Broadcaster. My initial issue was some audio desync between my PCs (just under a second of delay), and now I'm unable to select a Monitor/Display in the Scan Convertor application.

    This morning, I was able to explicitly see both display options for my GTX1070 monitor and now it only shows Region of Interest / Configure ROI in the capture options.

    I've re-installed/redownloaded a fresh copy of NDI tools, and reinstalled my graphics drivers. The weird thing is that the display options are being shown in Virtual Camera (sporadically) and Scan Convertor has just disappeared altogether.

    I don't see any configuration files in the install to see if it's something I could enable, and there doesn't appear to be anything relevant in my Registry.

    - Windows 10 Pro 64bit / Creators Update 1803
    - Gigabyte GTX1070 G1 Gaming Edition GPU
    - Intel i7 7700K
    - 16GB Kingston DDR(something) memory at 2133mhz
    - Latest version of XSplit Broadcaster (Partner License, version 3.3 / 3.3.1805.0302)
    - NDI Tools 3.5 from the website
    - BENQ XL2411Z 24" 144hz Gaming Monitor
    - BENQ GL2440 24" 60hz Monitor

    My main issue here right now is the options not showing. Once I've got those back, I'd like to look at addressing the sound desync.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The new Scan Converter automatically makes the displays available as NDI without you having to choose anything. The Region of Interest/Configure ROI are just there if you want to use them, but most people will have them unchecked.

    If you run NDI Studio Monitor, you should see the name of your graphics card available as a NDI sources. On my laptop it displays 'Intel HD Graphics 5600 1' for monitor 1, and 'Intel HD Graphcis 5600 2' for monitor 2.
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