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Thread: Can Studio monitor show a dropped frames count?

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    Can Studio monitor show a dropped frames count?

    I'm trying to test how much NDI video I can push through my network/system. Is there a way to get the Studio Monitor to show me how many dropped frames have occurred?

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    NDI Studio Monitor doesn't show this information.

    On a wired LAN, dropped frames should be a non-issue (you most likely aren't dropping any packets to start with). With the new NDI 3.5, NDI uses forward error correction, if you have a dropped packet for some reason, NDI FEC will still display an image. With NDI (version 3.0 and previous), NDI uses TCP which means if any packet doesn't arrive, it will be resent. You network does need certain latency speeds for TCP communication, but on a wired LAN it isn't difficult to achieve (the vast majority of 1Gb networks would be okay). This is why WiFi can have problems with NDI, WiFi can have high latency, which means that a packet cannot arrive in time, even though you have the bandwidth.

    If you appear to be dropping frames, it is probably more likely that the computer you are trying to use NDI Studio Monitor on is just not able to keep up with the video, then that packets are not getting thru. Mostly likely, if you were dropping enough packets that NDI was having problems, then you would be having network issues in general. This is also one of the reasons that a full speed backplane switch is recommended, the switch will be able to keep up with all traffic flowing thru it.

    For network bandwidth, I use Windows Task Manager to monitor the traffic on Ethernet interfaces, in general I try to keep a interface from going above 80% usage. If you are approaching that, you should add another Ethernet interface to the system, NDI will automatically take advantage of multiple interfaces. In fact, multiple interface traffic support has been improved in NDI 3.5.
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    Kane, is this new NDI 3.5 processes used on the Tricaster Mini? We are having sync freeze issues with NDI and Dante.


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