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Thread: BSOD in Tricaster 460

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    BSOD in Tricaster 460

    Hi I have a Tricaster 460 with Last update of AE. in the last weeks during live production i have some problems with blu scren with SRV.SYS

    today y run the fabric restore, after that I tried to update but while I was performing the update again the BOSD appears with same message SRV.SYS problem.
    so if i perform a clean restore it means that something on my hardware is the problem?

    Tricaster is the best thing that i've used since I played with my atari
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    I sounds like a hardware problem if this is also happening during the restore process.

    If the unit is under warranty, connect support.

    If it is isn't under warranty, I still contact support or your reseller so see what they can do.

    A few things just to rule out possibilities.

    Disconnect everything from the system except the keyboard, mouse and monitor to see if it is okay. If it is, connect external devices on a time to see if they might be causing the issue.

    If there is a hard drive in the removable bay, remove it and see if that helps. Could be a bad hard drive.

    If that doesn't help, then it probably something in the system.
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    Certainly contact support. If no joy or impractical we have found the majority of our BSODs to be fixed by making sure the RAM is sitting in its slot firmly (particularly if your unit has traveled recently). Even though it's hot-glued into the slot we find it still manages to cause us troubles on a few units. Of course, don't be opening up the case unless the unit is out of warranty and you have a reasonable enough idea of what you're doing!


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