I have been knocking myself out looking for a post about the 180323 version of AE and SKYPE. I have yet to find anyone describing how easy or not easy the set up is for Skype with NDI.

I have a once a year client with a big web broadcast that I used a variety of hardware to get SKYPE into a live stream. (Thank you to LON.TV on YT for the great video about tricaster mini and Skype.)

This year for the broadcast I am able to use the updated AE on my MINI 4SDI.

I open SKPE on my MAC - click on my profile icon and it opens the a window
Click on "Calling" at the bottom of the calling window find "Advanced" switch on the "Allow NDI usage" before making or receiving a call.
This has to be switched on before connection to a Skype call.
*Note that it will default off. Also note that the person on the other side of the Skype call will get a warning about the call being recorded.

On the tricaster I am able to assign one of my inputs - click on the gear and drop down SOURCE and choose your Skype connection from the network inputs. Do the same for the audio to follow the input (this works for me) so I can make a mix minus for broadcast.

Video and Audio from SKYPE get to the Tricaster MINI 4SDI AE like magic.
This has been in test mode so far. I will update later in JUNE 2018.