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Thread: Sending an Object through, and interacting with, a Hypervoxel Cloud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMCarrigan View Post
    I AM thinking about it, but it's too if'y for me at the moment. Too strapped. Can't get a response on the post by -paulk- referring to another post by -djlithium- not that I should as I probably can't afford it now anyway and the deadline tomorrow (6/14/18) is too soon. And THANKS!
    Well..price is an issue and a deadline tomorrow, if it werenīt for the should go for blender fluids and import it to Lightwave 2018 with OpenVDB, but as time is a factor...and you would have to take a day or more to lear a bit about fluids, then also tweak it good enough, that wonīt do either, go for post edition with photoshop or something else...since itīs a still.

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    Interesting. In some ways the original is still better (especially the dissolve -- as you mentioned).
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