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Thread: Schedulable, Multi-channel NDI + Dante Recorder?

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    Schedulable, Multi-channel NDI + Dante Recorder?

    does anybody know of a schedulable, NDI recorder application that can Aggregate NDI Video with Dante Audio?

    Softron Movie Recorder is schedulable and accepts NDI video, but can't aggregate NDI + Dante.

    vMix and Tricaster can aggregate NDI + Dante, but aren't schedulable, and are limited in the number of outputs they can produce.

    I need to record up to 6 simultaneous discrete outputs, of live performances taking place in different rooms.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure if these can do everything you are asking, but other products to check out .

    LiveXpert LiveMedia Server

    Metus INGEST

    Easy Media Suite
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