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Thread: schedule / automate IsoCorder Pro?

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    schedule / automate IsoCorder Pro?

    I wonder if IsoCorder Pro can be scheduled and automated to work as a sort of capture client. Does somebody have experience with this? Is there the ability to
    - schedule a recording for a certain date / time / length / ndi source
    - add an upload task to a specified server
    - probably even handle a set of metadata like filename, ndi source name etc.

    One use case could be to capture a number of talks / lectures provided as ndi streams over ip. Without the need to convert these ndi streams to sdi / hdmi to be able to feed a conventional capture appliance.


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    Looking at latest NDI pack for 3.5 there is an FFMPEG build with NDI support. I would think writing something to utilize that to pull down any stream you wanted would be easier. Simply call the ffmpeg with the correct info to copy the stream down to disk and then you could process it to something else if needed when time permitted.

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