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Thread: NDI Product Request ... licensed wifi transmitter

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    Question NDI Product Request ... licensed wifi transmitter

    I am looking for a way to use NDI without having to deal with the problem of the normal unlicensed free-to-anyone wifi radio bands being absolutely slammed with activity, and thereby causing loss of connectivity for professional/stage/event communications that Absolutely Must Work.

    As far as I can tell, the current way to achieve Absolutely Must Work level of network connectivity is with a physical wired connection, which is sort of annoying if you want a roaming cameraman around a stage or sports field.

    I would like to see some sort of licensed gigabit speed wireless networking that is outside the normal public wifi bands and is used only and exclusively for stage / production purposes. If we have to pay $250 or so a year for this regulated frequency access, fine.. the main idea is to make the cost of entry just high enough that the general public won't try to also use it and cause problems for the professionals.

    (I suppose white space professional-use wifi might work, but this appears to be a good way to get the traditional commercial free-to-air broadcast producers all up in arms against this.)

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    I think that Teradek might have a solution for you, possibly.

    OR, maybe, something from Ubquiti Networks: (if nothing else, the have microwave point-to-point connections which might do what you want).

    In either case, you will be paying quite a bit more for the hardware since it's either proprietary and/or limited in sales volume.

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    The FCC auctions bit and pieces of the frequency spectrum for billions, so I don't think they will be carving out any portions for us event video folks anytime soon!

    Check this out solution using Newtek Connect Spark and be sure to watch the videos on page -


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