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Thread: Finally getting a TC Mini SDI

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    Finally getting a TC Mini SDI

    Everything has aligned in the sky for the video program I work at. After 3 long years we will be completing our HD upgrade. With this, and money my boss's boss needs to spend before the end of July, we'll also be upgrading to 2 TriCaster Mini SDIs. One will be used for studio production while the other will handle all of our multi-camera event needs. Already this will cut down the amount of converters we'll need, make replay MUCH easier(we currently use some odd S-VHS set up to do football replay), and will cut down on the extra time I have to commit to upload our daily show to YouTube.

    And with all that said this will also be the summer we surplus our old VT5. I've kept it as a back-up for the back-up due to past experiences with students and equipment. Add note here of student spilling her latte on a PC just 2 months ago and stills brings food into the edit lab.

    I'm glad we're staying with NewTek and I hope we stay with it for another 12 years... Now back to wiring plans for a graduation of 500+ students, a 10000+ audience, and who knows how many online... Is 32 to young for white hairs?
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    Good luck with the new systems. As you plan your setup think about ways that NDI could support your workflow, and make sure you have a quality 1G Switch in place (like the Ubituity UniFi Switch PoE 24 - 250W) to build around. The more you use an IP based setup, the more cumbersome traditional SDI will seem.

    Most of all - have fun!

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