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Thread: "Machine Vision" / score board information thru NDI cabable camera

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    "Machine Vision" / score board information thru NDI cabable camera

    Hi all gurus

    We are technical sport production company and now we are looking for the solution to use camera picture/feed to capture time, score, penalty etc. information from the sport venues to central hub side. This information is then used for example for graphics.

    So, is there any solution available, where we would have one PTZ camera with NDI connection on the remote side and software peace to grab all data from the score board and then "transform" this data to other systems (JSON, XML or what ever).

    br, J

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    Am I understanding you want to convert a live camera shot of a scoreboard and transform it to digital data that can be brought in as a source?

    If that is correct, check out OCR software. Multiple companies offer it now but Graphics Outfitters is a really good solution. Just be aware you have to have a very steady shot to keep it working correctly. So if you are in a venue like high school where maybe the bleachers move slightly it can throw off your data.


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