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Thread: Canon XH A1a- compatibility with Tricaster 860?

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    Canon XH A1a- compatibility with Tricaster 860?

    I have a Canon XH A1 that i'm trying to connect to my tricaster 860, but I'm not having any luck getting the video feed to display. Does anyone have experience with connecting these two? Thanks.

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    Few questions.

    You are connecting via the component cables?
    What video format are you using?
    Does the camera output connected directly to a video monitor?
    If so, does the monitor display what resolution is being output from the camera?
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    Assuming you wish to send HD video from camera to TriCaster, the camera output will be 1080i - please set TriCaster Session to 1080i, and also configure desired TriCaster input to "Component - 1080i".

    In the camera menu system, you may need to specifically enable Component 1080i output (may be 480 composite by default), and of course route the 3 Red, Green, and Blue cables to appropriate BNC inputs at rear of the 860. Been years since I've used component analog, but top input connector at rear of 860 would be SDI, then 3 below are used for analog. Top one of those 3 (second one from top) should be for the Green cable, which by itself should get you a black and white image in TriCaster since Green carries the Luminance portion of the signal. By experimentation, you will figure out the blue and red - if colors are wonky, switch position of those two cables.

    If you have a TV monitor with Component inputs, try to get signal from camera to TV first to make sure camera output is correctly set. Once signal output is verified, then look into TriCaster connections and settings.


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    We use these exact camera with a Tricaster 40. Happy to share out experiences.
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