I'm using TRANSFORM, which I like because of the gizmo, but there's an issue that's subject to opinion as to how it should operate while Symmetry is active.

Which is more generally useful?:
  • To have the action apply to ONLY the actually Selected items OR:
  • Include both the Selected items PLUS the 'virtually' (via Symmetry) Selected items included?

This came up when I wanted to stay within the TRANSFORM TOOL, and "flatten" out a group of selected points on the X-axis. While translating/moving the points, Symmetry worked as one might expect (hoorah!). However, when SCALING them using the TRANSFORM TOOL (ie, this does not occur using STRETCH, which operates only on the "actually Selected" points, and is correctly mirrored by Symmetry), the points scaled as using both actual and virtual selection as the Action Center.

Which would you prefer? Or should there be a user switch?