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Thread: OD How To Script Series.

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    OD How To Script Series.

    Not sure where this is going to lead.. but I made two quick videos that were based on two questions I received today. I posted it here in general as well as the python part of the forum, for the specific reason of reaching "non scripters"..


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    Good effort Oliver, i hope you get time for more.
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    Thumbs up! Good Job!


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    Thank you both !!! I am finally past 'Hello World' ! If I may ask a question / Is there a way to reveal how a feature has been coded ? I am interested in expanding the parametric objects feature in layout - currently for parametric stuff I go into linux land and export out - would be awesome to be able to do within Lightwave itself. Again, many thanks for the great tutorials and samples !

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    You would write your own.. thats the fastest way.. you'd do that in modeler (to start, as its easier). It might be a bit advanced to start with modeler stuff though. Its not difficult, but it requires a bit more knowledge than what I have shown above.

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    I forgot to post this yesterday:

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    Thank you .. I appreciate the direction - I am finding that when it comes to programming - as a beginner - its often difficult to even find the correct words to phrase a question ... which likely means time to read more

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    We had a great LightWiki hangout last night.. I went into some more detail and more explanations.. and I "believe" i got one of the users to write their first script ... so.. I call it a success.

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    This is a fantastic effort by you Oliver. Scripting opens up what one can do and "fix" in a program.

    I would encourage people to not just think this is a LW specific thing. Learning the scripting language in any of the programs you use will open up what's possible to you and improve your workflow.
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    one day, i will learn scripting

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    Thank you!

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    Another Installment in the How To Script Series. This time, we'll create a simple Animation Take System for Lightwave:
    Enjoy !

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    Thanks Oliver, one day I will figure it out myself. I have a script i need to write.. maybe this weekend...

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    ps, if you folks haven't, check these >

    Python for LW 1 -
    Python for LW 2 -
    Python for LW 3 -
    Python for LW 4 -
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