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Thread: Open GL on a Dell XPS 15 2in1 (Intel i7-8805G) detection is not Vega

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    Open GL on a Dell XPS 15 2in1 (Intel i7-8805G) detection is not Vega

    I have a brand new Dell XPS 15 2in1 with new Intel i7-8805G with has the Vega Discrete Graphics from AMD

    I try everything and could not change the render from Intel 630

    This is running of Windows 10

    The following is my message on Intel's forum about the issue

    It has been about many years since I have used Lightwave - I just upgraded Lightwave from 9.6 version recently

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    I don't have the AMD Radeon Vega GPU, but for my NVidia card I had to add Layout and Modeler to the "known application" list in the NVidia control panel and set them to use the NVidia processor (rather than the System Default, which is the Intel Graphics).

    For the Vega GPU, maybe create an "application profile" for Modeler and Layout per this page (yes, Layout and Modeler are considered "games" in this context):

    Here's the general page for tuning the "gaming" performance:

    Good luck!


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    Thanks this reply move in right direction, for what I have to do is used the tool and go find Layout.exe and that profile work on system.

    But it did not find the GPU automatically - but I was able to use this on Layout, but it did not fix the issue with Steam VR test program - kept on insisting on using Intel GPU.

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