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Thread: "LightWave Roundtable Discussion"

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    "LightWave Roundtable Discussion"


    We have a special LightWave 3D presentation this Sunday, March 11th from 10am - 1pm PST called "LightWave Roundtable Discussion". The idea is to have this as a weekly show of any talent out there who would like to share their Lightwave 3D knowledge

    If you would like to just watch and enjoy then go to .

    However if you would like to participate then go to

    Make sure that you have a headset with a microphone. Here is a link to help you get set up:

    "LightWave Roundtable Discussion"

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    Without malice,

    Paid access not for me, not putting it down but not forking out my hard earned until i know what im getting
    If you cant help but make an art of it.

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    The Star Trek original series phaser and Space 1999 Eagle series look great stuff to me . The fee is $4.99 per month (cancel anytime). Maybe not for anyone, but being paid is one good thing in that there will be a pressure to cut the wheat from the chaff.
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