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Thread: Experience using for sports?

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    Experience using for sports?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has used the NDIHX-PTZ1 for covering sporting events? More specifically, has anyone used them for the main action shot in football or basketball?

    If yes...would love to hear feedback on how well they worked for the task.
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    From my own time with three of these cams: they are light hungry cameras with loads of noise over NDI and the resolution is not up to snuff for live sports. Also, you will not be able to move them as quickly or as accurately as required for sporting events unless you're using them just for the 50yd line wide-shot coverage. There are also a lot of bugs in the actual operation interface between the TC (ours is an 8k) and the cameras. I ended up returning all 3 after trying everything to get them to perform. We bought some of the first ones released, so some of these issues may have been addressed in later models. However, reading the comments in the PTZ1 subforum show that not to be the case.

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    The type of sport will determine how well any PTZ camera will work.

    What you are plans on how to use the camera?
    What is the size of the play area? How close can the camera be to the action? Indoor or outdoor? Good lighting or not? 20x zoom is good, but if you can't get the camera close and are trying to cover large play field, it might not be enough.

    Unless you plan on having a dedicated camera operator, I wouldn't expect to the switcher operator to also be manually controlling the camera.

    Would you be planning on using these cameras for more fixed shots from difficult to access locations? Then a PTZ can work great for these situations, you would will have some control and only need to run a single Ethernet cable to make the camera work.

    Finally, there have been a few firmware updates since the first PTZ1 cameras were release, the last release (the PTZ1 VHR111 firmware) did improve to the image quality. However, despite these improvements, it isn't going to make a camera work in situations that it isn't properly suited for.
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    We used a PTZ in our E3 production this basketball season. There was ZERO chance we would ever use if for game action though. We use ours to bounce around mostly on pre sets and gather certain shots. I have a pre set for each free throw line so I can layer graphics during free throws. We also use it for crowd and bench shots. When the momentum starts to shift I already have the cam in place to cut to it. We also use ours to get some beauty shots like and opening arena shots and things like that.

    The struggle for us is always to get the color right. Not a camera issue though its an arena issue. We have very bright lights so since we are up high, the angle form the lights is way different from the near side to the far.

    Outside of basketball I also had a op use it for football and we did run it for game action but not live only for replays.


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