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Thread: tripod mount?

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    tripod mount?

    I want to use my PTZ1 as a portable device for live broadcasts. I don't see any way of mounting it to a traditional camera tripod. Does such a best/adapter exist? Thanks!

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    The PTZ1 camera has a screw hole on the bottom so you can connect a tripod camera plate to it.
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    Cheap, easy, fast solution

    We have 4 HE-130's and occasionally run 2-4 others. Getting that many tripods for these things was cost prohibitive. We use cheap ball-heads meant for DSLR's, then a 1/4 to c-stand adapter to mount the cams to plain old c-stands. The ball heads have levels and a cleat for the camera mounting plate. I normally run with a torpedo level as well to double check them.

    These are the ball-heads we bought
    These are the c-stand adapters we bought
    These are the c-stands

    Worst-case, about $250 per cam and you're golden. Most of us have c-stands or light stands laying around, so really, for about a hundred bucks per head you can do what you want to do.
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