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Thread: Godot 3.0 is out!

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    Godot 3.0 is out!

    After more than 18 months of development, all Godot Engine contributors are proud to present our biggest release so far, Godot 3.0! It brings a brand new rendering engine with state-of-the-art PBR workflow for 3D, an improved assets pipeline, GDNative to load native code as plugins, C# 7.0 support, Bullet as the 3D physics engine, and many other features

    The new 3D engine is outstanding, with many features out-of-the-box that are still not common in other mainstream engines. Added to this, Godot's ease of use allows reaching the best quality with much less effort.

    New physically based 3D renderer: Full principled BSDF, Global illumination (GI), Mid- and post-processing)
    GPU particles
    New asset workflow: automatically import assets, import glTF 2.0 scenes, improved OBJ support, SVG support
    GDNative: easily extend Godot in C/C++ without recompiling the engine, and that for any platform.
    Scripting: Mono / C# support, Visual Scripting
    New audio engine
    VR support
    Bullet Physics backend
    New networked multiplayer API
    Rewritten export system: export presets, IPv6 support
    WebAssembly and WebGL 2.0 support (greatly improved HTML5 exporter)
    New editor theme and customization
    Auto-tiling in tile maps
    Improved flat style box: Customize your game UI components with slick vector looks and soft drop shadows without having to create any image!
    Font oversampling: your fonts always use the native resolution even if your UI is scaled.
    Greatly improved 3D editor viewport
    Console support via private companies: a Nintendo Switch port has been recently completed, allowing Godot to run on this latest console.
    New manual:

    Get it here:

    Extract, and run! A single executable, no need for installation.
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    Cool, I have to check this out. Have been watching godot developing for a while now...


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